elevate your brand + business

one-on-one coaching for hairstylists

Let’s be real:

As a hairstylist, it’s hard to build a clientele the “old fashioned” way anymore. You feel like you’re doing all the right things: posting on social media, handing out business cards, asking for referrals.. and not really seeing the kind of growth you’re looking for.

When there's thousands of hairstylists in your city, you need to stand out from the crowd and speak directly to your DREAM clients. If you’re struggling to gain new clients, or if you’re ready to elevate your business - you need a strong brand that has YOU front and center. A killer online presence can help you become a specialist in our industry, raise your prices, and work with those dream clients!

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what we can accomplish in four weeks together:

discover your dream client

find your niche and double down on what you’re great at

develop your signature salon services

formulate your brand that has you stand out amongst the crowd

create a content plan for your online presence

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during our sessions

We’ll discuss homework you’ve completed from the previous session, and put in the work on creating your brand.

what you need

We’ll meet up once a week, face to face, through video conferencing. Bring your coffee and a notebook!

after working together

You’ll know exactly who you’re talking to, what your business stands for, and how to attract those dream clients into your chair!

elevate your brand + business

one-on-one coaching for hairstylists


Once a week (for four weeks) we’ll meet up via video conference for a 45 minute coaching call.


I’m always an email or Marco Polo message away if you’re feeling stuck, need a pep talk or a dose of accountability


I’ll keep you moving forward through actionable steps + homework after each coaching session, as well as provide resources or recommendations (like podcasts to listen to - I’m OBSESSED) to support you along the way


payment plans available

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