The Ultimate Podcast for Beauty Industry Inspiration


As a hairdresser and beauty industry aficionado, one of my favorite things about my career is learning about the newest innovations and products.

However, sometimes it feels overwhelming to keep up with every blog, Instagram page, and Youtube channel to stay ahead of the game. Discovering the Fat Mascara podcast was exactly what I was needing: a weekly update on insider scoop, product reviews, humorous anecdotes, and interviews with influential leaders in all things beauty - in an audio format I can listen to while I work at home or in the car!

I wanted to share this podcast with you today because it’s been not only educational but also highly entertaining. I love hearing the personal stories from the hosts, Jen and Jess, who are both beauty editors at Cosmopolitan and Teen Vogue magazine, respectively. Even if you’re not really that invested into beauty in general, the hosts are so engaging and have such great chemistry, you’ll get sucked into their hilarious banter.

Here are a few of my favorite interviews with guests on the show:

Episode 6 - “Fake it Till You Make It” with Michael Gordon - I loved hearing this interview with the founder of Bumble & bumble and his insights on where the hairdressing industry is heading.

Episode 14 - “We Made It Our Own” with Sir John - an interview with Beyonce's makeup artist.. need I say more?

Episode 48 - “Smokey Eye Till I Die” with Charlotte Tilbury - Charlotte will have you cracking up when she details her nighttime skincare and makeup routine.

Episode 52 - “We’re Very Scrappy” with Emily Weiss - I’ve always admired the branding and values behind Glossier, and it’s so fun to listen to the founder tell her story.

Episode 68 - “12 Years To Make It” with Harry Josh - I LOVED this interview because of Harry Josh’s storytelling on how he made a name for himself in the hairdressing world. 

Episode 76 - “Lose The Ego” with Jen Atkin - Jen’s interview is hilarious, truthful and incredibly interesting. I loved hearing about how she started her product line, The Ouai.

Fat Mascara has been perfect for keeping me in the loop and inspired, and it’s great that I can listen on the go. Do you have any favorite podcasts? Leave a comment below with your recommendations. I’d love to hear about them!

xo, Teddi