The Best Styling Tools You Should Invest In

It can be difficult to recreate those beachy waves or that sleek blowout after your salon visit when you don’t have the proper styling tools. Let alone, overwhelming to shop and select which are worth the investment!

The best styling tools for your hair to invest in.

I’ve been so frustrated in the past when I’ve purchased expensive, high-end blow dryers - only to have them burn out on me after one year of use!

Luckily, after over a decade of working behind the chair, I have found tools that perform and stand the test of time. These are my go-to’s while working on clients, as well as styling my own hair at home!

Here are six of my favorite tools to avoid throwing your hair in yet another a messy bun:

  • Babyliss Tourmaline Titanium 3000 Blow Dryer - This is an amazing (and affordable!) blow dryer that will leave your hair so shiny. Tourmaline gemstones fused with ceramic inside the dryer release negative ions and far-infrared heat, which penetrate hair from within resulting in faster drying with less damage. I love it because it’s so lightweight.

  • BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron - I get asked what curling iron I use on an almost daily basis! This is my absolute favorite to create my signature beach waves. The ceramic coated barrel evenly distributes heat and creates silky, frizz-free curls. The 1 ¼” is the size I use on almost every single one of my clients - short hair to long hair!

  • ghd Gold Professional Styler Flat Iron - This flat iron is fantastic for straightening out curls or smoothing frizz. The ceramic coated plates glide through the hair so easily. I love that the beveled edges allow you to mimic a blowout, or even create flat iron curls!

  • The Wet Brush - This is hands down the best brush for detangling your hair, wet OR dry. Its skinny bristles are super flexible, so it gently eases through any knots in your hair - resulting in less damage. It’s absolutely made a huge difference in the health of my own hair.

  • Olivia Garden NanoThermic 2 ⅛” Round Brush - This round brush is a lifesaver for smoothing frizz and creating volume. The brush retains heat and glides through the hair like a dream, making it easy to use. The 2 ⅛” size is my favorite size and seems to work on almost any hair length.

  • Framar Black Rubberized Styling Clips - These clips are the best for sectioning your hair while styling. They are strong enough to hold large sections of hair with no slipping. I love that the rubberized grip will even hold wet hair in place.

These six tools will amaze you with how much easier it is to style your hair at home. They are well worth the investment to make your mornings go a little smoother.

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How to Keep Your Hair Healthy During the Winter

If you live in a colder climate this time of the year, chances are the freezing, dry air has taken a toll on your skin and hair!

After having a handful of clients recently ask for advice what to do about their dry scalp, or how to combat static (ugh!) - I thought I'd pull together some of my best tips for how to keep your hair healthy during the winter.

How to Keep Your Hair Healthy During the Winter | Teddi Bickers | Indianapolis Hair

You might want to slightly alter your cleansing ritual and products you use in the shower during the winter months:

  • Avoid using overly hot water when cleansing your scalp and hair - during these frigid cold months, it can be especially drying to your ends and skin in general.

  • If you're experiencing mild dandruff or an itchy scalp, I would highly recommend a clarifying or exfoliating shampoo. The MAXI.WASH by KEVIN.MURPHY contains fruit-derived AHA's that will gently remove dead skin cells or build up on your scalp and hair cuticle. My hairdresser friends that use R+Co say the exfoliating CROWN Scalp Scrub is amazing, too!

  • Make sure you're deep conditioning the ends of your hair often! Even if it's letting a masque sit on for a few minutes in the shower, it's better than nothing. My absolute favorite is RE.STORE by KEVIN.MURPHY - it's so incredibly lightweight, yet makes the most tangly, dry hair easier to manage. I also recommend the Prenup Instant Spray Hair Mask by IGK. It's SO easy because you can just spray it directly onto your ends.. bonus points for this one because it smells like the beach!

It's a good rule of thumb to use hot tools as little as possible, and exercise a little more TLC on your mane than usual:

  • When your hair is wet, it's actually quite fragile and elastic. Make sure to blow dry your hair thoroughly before going outside in freezing temperatures to avoid any extreme damage or breakage. 
  • Use a WetBrush when combing out your hair, wet OR dry. I know I've sung it's praises before, but this brush is amazing and extremely gentle when detangling.

The most common question I get during winter is - how do I get rid of static electricity in my hair? Here'ss how:

  • Spray a little bit of a lightweight leave-in conditioner, a light hold hairspray, or a texturizing spray onto a paddle brush and brush through your hair - scalp to ends. This will help piece everything together, yet you won't feel like you loaded your hair up with products. I love the Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Medium or BEDROOM.HAIR by KEVIN.MURPHY for spraying on my brush.
  • If you're blow drying, finish your style with the cool air setting - it will close down the cuticle of your hair strands and set everything in place!

  • Use a dryer sheet and lightly run it over your hair. It will remove static electricity just like with your clothes. Or, if you're feeling fancy, try the Anti-Frizz Hair Sheets from Ouai - I love that these come in individual packets to carry on the go!

I hope these tips help for dealing with hair issues that come along with the extreme weather change. For other hair tips, advice, and inspiration - follow me over on Instagram!