Service Spotlight: Signature Balayage Blonding

Natural, sun kissed hair. Less noticeable new growth. Wow factor without the maintenance. Sounds good? Then you might want to book a Signature Balayage Blonding appointment!

Service Spotlight: Signature Balayage Blonding | Teddi Bickers | Indianapolis Hairstylist

What the service is:

Balayage is a technique for highlighting hair, creating a natural looking effect. But, I've noticed the word “balayage” has morphed into describing a certain look.

I describe balayage in consultations with my clients as:

  • darker/natural depth around the crown area

  • a pop of lightness around the face

  • and the brightest parts of the hair on the ends/tips

While this look can be impactful and have a strong contrast from roots to ends, it can also be subtle and soft!

Who is it best for?

It's perfect for clients who want depth and dimension, but don’t want to be in the salon frequently for maintenance.

Balayage isn’t only for those who want to be as bright or blonde as possible. It’s also great for brunettes who want a subtle pop of dimension on the ends of their hair or around the face.

What is the application process like?

I often use a combination of :

  • traditional foiled highlights

  • teasing the hair/highlighting the tips

  • freehand painting lightener onto the tips

  • toner + color melting at the shampoo bowl

In most cases, I soften any highlights closest to the scalp, to allow for a graceful grow out. Depending on how dark the natural hair is, it may take a few appointments to achieve the desired goal.

What does maintenance look like?

Maintaining this look depends on each client. Typically, most people are able to go several months between haircolor appointments. I have some clients who only get balayage highlights about once a year!

I usually recommend booking a Toner + Haircut twelve weeks after a balayage appointment. Twelve weeks is usually when I find most clients are ready to spruce up their haircut and add some shine. If you’ve never heard of a toner before, here is a blog post about why I love them so much!

How long does the service take?

It usually takes about 3 hours for a Signature Balayage Blonding + Haircut appointment.

I know the irony in the fact that balayage takes more time than other hair color services to create a "natural" look. But, the trade off is that you can go significantly longer between appointments!

Got any further questions about balayage? Want to find some hair inspiration? Hop on over to my Instagram to send me a direct message and view photos of my work!