Service Spotlight: Kacey Welch Method Hair Extensions

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Whats different about these versus other hair extension methods?

The Kacey Welch Method extensions are unique because there is zero glue, tape, or adhesive used during the application. The hair extensions are sewn onto a series of beads close to the scalp. You can continue using your usual styling products, including deep conditioners and treatments, without fear of your extensions falling out.

Will they ruin or damage my existing, natural hair?

As long as the extensions are installed by a certified artist, and you practice proper maintenance at home - then no! The amazing thing about the Kacey Welch Method is that only 10% of the natural hair is used in the application.

Additionally, removing the extensions for maintenance appointments is easy, gentle, and only take a few minutes.

How long do they last?

If properly taken care of, the hair itself can last anywhere from 8-12 months.


You’ll want to come for a move up appointment (removing the wefts and bumping them back up close to the scalp again) every 8-10 weeks.

Depending upon if you color your hair (and how often), you may want to time things out so you are doing an extensions move up AND hair color touch up on the same day.


The cost of installation covers:

  • any coloring of the hair extensions needed to help blend them with your existing hair (this does not include any coloring of your natural hair, if needed)

  • installation of the hair extensions

  • cutting the extensions to blend them with your existing hair

  • shampoo + blow dry

  • styling lesson and run through of home maintenance

What do they feel like?

In my personal experience, the wefts feel pretty tight for the first 24-48 hours. Sleeping on them the first night is somewhat weird and uncomfortable. But by no means was any of it painful..! I would say by the end of the first week, they feel comfortable and secure.

Can I wear my hair in a ponytail?

A low ponytail is recommended the first handful of weeks because the wefts cannot be flipped up. After there is a small amount of root growth, the wefts can be comfortably flipped and a high ponytail is possible!

What is at home maintenance like?

It’s super important to thoroughly brush your extensions morning and night. I highly recommend the Wet Brush! Sleeping in a loose braid makes styling in the morning easier and prevents any tangling.

You can also continue using your usual styling products. It is recommended to care for your extensions with heavier conditioners, silicone based oils and creams to moisturize and smooth out the ends. My current favorites for caring for my extensions: YOUNG.AGAIN oil, SMOOTH.AGAIN cream, and RE.STORE by KEVIN.MURPHY.


There’s really no “rules” when it comes to the KWM extensions, which makes them pretty darn easy to take care of at home. You can workout and sweat, go swimming (be careful with chlorine, though), wear them in a ponytail, and even do deep conditioning treatments... None of these things will affect your extensions. Woo hoo!

Okay, I’m in… I want hair extensions! what do I do next?

Your next step is to book your in-person consultation with me! During our consultation, I’ll be able to color match your hair color, discuss your extensions goals and run through our game plan for installation + maintenance.


hair extensions > consultation > book now

There is a short form you’ll fill out while booking your consultation appointment that should take no more than five minutes.

If you decide at the end of our consultation you’re ready to move forward and schedule your installation, payment for the hair extensions is required prior to purchasing + ordering the hair. The cost of installation is due on the day of the installation appointment.


I’m currently offering hair extension installs on Tuesdays and occasionally Saturdays.

Teddi, I have more questions!

Feel free to shoot me an email at and I can answer them for you!

The Reasons Behind Hair Loss and How to Recover

A few years ago after a period of stress in my life, I started having major hair loss. It was so upsetting to run fingers through my hair and practically see clumps falling out.

Unfortunately, hair loss will happen to 1 in 3 women in their lifetime for a multitude of reasons. If you’re currently experiencing hair loss - don’t freak out! It’s not uncommon and although it feels stressful and embarrassing, there are solutions for treating it.

The Reasons Behind Hair Loss and How to Recover | Teddi Bickers | Indianapolis Hairstylist

First of all, what causes hair loss to happen?

  • A hormonal imbalance: such as going off birth control or experiencing the symptoms/effects of PCOS and endometriosis

  • Postpartum hair loss after pregnancy or (sometimes) when you quit nursing

  • Stress and physical trauma: having a major surgery, experiencing an emotionally stressful or  traumatic event, enduring a physical accident (like breaking a bone, being in a car accident, etc). This type of hair loss usually happens 3 to 6 months after the event.

  • Changing medications

  • Making major changes in diet or after significant weight loss

    What can help your hair recover after hair loss?

  • Incorporate supplements into your diet: supplements have mega doses of the nutrients your body needs to grow healthy hair. I personally love using a protein powder in a daily smoothie instead of swallowing capsules. I have also heard amazing things about the supplment Viviscal.

  • Use topical products specifically created for hair loss, such as Nioxin: I personally used the Nioxin Scalp Treatment (a leave in spray that you apply to your scalp) and saw great results. It immediately stopped my excessive shedding and encouraged thicker and fuller hair to grow in. I highly recommend taking the Nioxin Consultation Tool on to see which products work best for your specific case.

  • Use styling products specifically created for volume: These will plump up your strands and give an overall effect of more fullness and body. Some of my favorites are: BODY.BUILDER, PLUMPING.WASH and PLUMPING.RINSE, FULL.AGAIN, and DOO.OVER from KEVIN.MUPRHY. Ask your hairstylist for their product recommendations and how to use them!

  • Use a root touch up spray (a pigmented aerosol spray) similar to your hair color to fill in any sparse areas (like when you pull your hair up and want to fill in around your temples). This will give the appearance of thicker hair!

  • Be EXTRA gentle on your hair: this means using a Wet Brush to brush out your hair, not wearing tight ponytails or buns, and forgoing extreme haircolor changes. And DO NOT sleep with your hair in a ponytail!

  • And once again, please consult a doctor if you believe your hair loss is beyond “normal” and may be something more problematic.

RemeMber: be patient and consistent with these remedies. It can take anywhere from six weeks and beyond to start seeing any major progress. Take a deep breath, tell yourself you’re still beautiful, and don’t get too stressed about it. This is totally common and your hair WILL recover.

If this information was helpful for you, I’d love to hear! Shoot me a DM over on Instagram and let me know!